Dominican Republic Seeks to Expand Territorial Waters

The deputy Pelegrín Castillo asked the Presidency to complete the file on Dominican Republic’s position on its maritime interests, sending to the United Nations, the Convention on Ocean Rights ratified by Congress. In a statement the lawmaker said the country can obtain new marine spaces with friendly negotiations with the United Kingdom, the United States, Holland and Haiti.

Castillo asked the Government to expedite the exploration of the Atlantic’s seafloor for oil or natural gas with Spain, and to evaluate its geologic structure. “The preliminary results of the scientific exploration by the Spanish ship Hésperides in April last year were very interesting and promising.”

Throughout the years, numerous companies have searched for oil in the Dominican Republic. Öil Exploration in the DR,” a 2005 article says, “The legal and institutional structures that revolve around the explorations seem to be as viscous as the oil that is the black gold everybody wants. For some 30 years, since drilling began in 1904, thousands of barrels have been extracted and exported, but nobody knows where to or the quality of the oil.” According to the same article, in 1979, geophysicist Myrfin Jones Evans and geologist Jose Luis Padrón, members of a Venezuelan mission, said that petroleum prospects in the Dominican Republic were promising because the country has the basic geological formations according. René Soler, a mining engineer with experience in Venezuela, said that “the country has petroleum, but not for export,” adding that there is sufficient oil for the Dominican Republic to be nearly self-sufficient.

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