The rich and famous attend Cuba’s Cigar Festival

Enthralled by the international impact Cuban cigars have in commerce and tourism, a bunch of renowned artists, musicians and sportspeople attended the 12th Habano Festival in Havana last week. Invited by Grammy Award winner Chucho Valdés, Brazilian singer Ivan Lins and the Portuguese interpreter Mariza were among the musicians participating in the festival. Lins and Mariza performed together at a special concert at the Havana Grand Theater. Among the well-known guests was Christopher Menaul, from Great Britain, a television and movie director who won the BAFTA Prize of the British cinema, British soprano and actress Sarah Brightman, internationally known for her classical crossovers, and British film producer Stephen Evans. Mia Maestro, the Argentinean actress who played the role of Che Guevara’s girlfriend in The Motorcycle Diaries, also attended.
Among the sportspeople who attended was Spanish golfed Miguel Angel Jiménez, who´s won the European circuit 16 times and two weeks ago clinched the Dubai Dessert Classic.
As part of the Habano Festival program, the organizers arranged for the world premiere of Stephen Evan´s film “Cosi”, which will then be presented in European theaters. Brightman and Mia Maestro were part of the film´s cast.

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