New Book: Caged Chronicles

A book of poems written in prison by new Belize author Francisco “Chino” Eiley was released this weekend. The memoir in poetry consists of thirty four poems written while the author was imprisoned at Hattieville Prison for a crime he was unjustly accused of.  Eiley was recently released after years in jail for the murder of Justo “Galento” Perez.

Caged Chronicles is both a chronicle of life behind bars and  the expression of Eiley’s pain, anger and rage. It was also a way for Chino to deal with his fear. The poems, steeped in emotion and pain, were delivered home for the family. To Susana Eiley, his mother, the poems were a part of her son and she cherished every single one of them. “They were my son’s emotions and feelings. Sometimes it would take me a month to read a single poem. I would read paragraph by paragraph, racked by emotion, I would continue slowly. They were filled with emotions and I used to cry while I read one of the paragraphs. At times I would wake up before dawn broke and would read some more. It was very emotional,” Mrs. Eiley commented. 

The book launch was celebrated at his family’s business, the restaurant El Fogon, where his mother used to read the poem to her customers. “I never could have imagined that the book would be released before my release from prison. I always maintained my innocence and I knew that the time would come for me to be free. Little I know that I would be able to attend my own book launching,” the author commented. “The support I have received from everyone is overwhelming and very much appreciated,” stated Chino. “My time spent behind bars made me realize the importance of life and as such, I encourage the youth of Belize to study, read a book, make your life better. Only you can do it and believe me, it feels good.”

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