Controversy surrounds new book by Rafael Trujillo’s daughter

Last Thursday, Angelita Trujillo, Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo’s youngest daughter, was scheduled to present her new book on her father, Trujillo, mi padre at the J. W. Marriott hotel in Miami. The event was expected to be transmitted via video-conference at the Salón Caonabo of the Hotel Santo Domingo. The Miami audience had its chance to see the clueless Angelita present her book. The Dominican event was marred, however, by dozens of noisy protesters who gathered outside the hotel shouting “Trujillo murderer!,”  and “Angelita murderer!” The protesters were dozens of relatives, nephews and friends of Antonio de la Maza, Luis Amiama Tió, Rafael Augusto Sánchez and Antonio Imbert Barrera. The four, known as the “Heroes of May 30,” were the conspirators who plotted the assassination of Trujillo on May 30, 1961. Holding signs reading “Respect to the Heroes of May 30” and “Trujillo, assassin and thief!”  they protested the book’s claim that the four, and not Trujillo, had been responsible for the murder of the Mirabal sisters. The famous sisters were among the 50,000 victims (as confirmed by the United Nations) of the 31-year long tyranny headed by Angelita Trujillo’s father.

Angelita’s book offers an extensive defense of her father as a man of great rectitude who had a clear vision of how to rule the country as a “nationalistic, free, and sovereign state.”

 “My father dreamt of turning the country into a true nation. He never lost sight of this goal. My mother tells me that once, when visiting the United States, he drove in ecstatic contemplation of  the development surrounding him, the buildings, the highways, all the obvious wellbeing, and my mother said he looked at her and said ‘that is how I want to see my country.’”

“I often heard my mother speak of his courage, his daring, his good star. Many of the anecdotes I read in books I had already heard from my mother’s lips. There were many obstacles, as we learn later, but as I heard my mother’s stories I grew more certain in my admiration and love for such a singular being. As with any triumphant man, a political giant, a relentless and dedicated fighter on behalf of his political goals, he had detractors and adversaries . . . but allies and enemies all agree in one point, that Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina was an exceptional, extraordinary figure.”

¡The nation, which forged my father; my father, the architect of the nation!”

It goes on like that for about another twenty paragraphs, which you can access (in Spanish) through the link below. I can’t translate anymore because if I do I am going to puke over my computer, so access at your peril. The hero-worship of this most villainous of dictators is sickening. I may just go and join the protesters. I never thought I would feel like burning a book . . .

For the full (really long) article in which Angelita goes on and on in praise of dad go to

For more on the protest go to

23 thoughts on “Controversy surrounds new book by Rafael Trujillo’s daughter

  1. Perspective is everything isn’t it? Angelita will not have seen her father the way oh, let’s say, the Haitian survivors of the 1937 Parsley Massacre would, now would she?
    He sought to build a great nation by exterminating it’s minority populace. I guess the Haitian minorities would have been the ‘obstacles’ in his way.

    Do you know if the book is translated into English? Ever since I read The Farming of Bones I have been intrigued by this figure.

    1. you can not make a comment about something u have not knowlege. it is a grade mistake. read first and make research, that will give u the capacity to talk about something u dont know.

      1. Fernandez are u for real? Compatriota!!!! Trujillo era un dictador punto y coma. Hay!!!!!, Pues lo mataron por tan bueno que era!!! Tan guapos que son los Trujillos y como los Duvalier se fueron para Francia. Tienen algo en comun las dos familias peores de los dos paises. hahaha. Que chistoso eres tu Fernandez.

  2. it’s better that the book didn’t come out in English. I too, feel like I want to read the book, but in fear of wasting my time, my money and my sense of logic and reason, I will not bother. plus, too much wealth was stolen from us dominicans when we were sleeping; there is no way I will contribute to the wealth of a Trujillo while I’m alive by buying their lies.

  3. When Trujillo was murdered I was only five years old. I became interested in his life and legacy only through articles I read on the internet. I read his daughter’s book and I have a few questions of her. First, how did Trujillo acquired so much wealth? How could she not see that her father was a womanizer and a murderer. If for one moment she can fool herself in believing he was so innocent she must be on some good drugs.

  4. there’s not a worst dictator in the world then FIDEL CASTRO!, trujillo no le da ni por un tobillo a este asesino bandolero que todavia millones de ciegos en el mundo lo alaban!.estos tienen mas de 500mil millones de dolares en europa en bancos privados y en suiza, robandole al pueblo cubano por mas de 50 anos!en comparacion trujillo es un ejemplo al lado de los hnos castro y su comparsa! Punto!

    1. Carlatan, if u want i wll tell u this in any language, pero te lo voy a decir en espanol para ke no alegues ke no me entendiste, el mundo esta lleno de ignorantes y tu eres uno de ellos. Habra mucho Fidel pa rato y se acabaron los algumentos falsos.Un cerebro de esa inteligencia comoFIDEL nace cada 100 anos.

  5. Trujillo even after 40 yrs. still considered the worst Dictator in the Western Hemisphere. Castro has never tried to assesinate any president, Trujillo did twice in fact, Castro has never killed as many people as Trujillo, instead Castro Jailed most opponents. But besides that Trujillo did many things for the country that to this day still stands…such as the old “Autopista Duarte”, the Catheral “Altagracia” in Higuey and the”Palacio Nacional”, “Monumento A la Paz” plus schools, government buildings and hospitals to name a few which are monuments of history, value and a symbol of unity for all dominicans and represent our country. in addition he made DR into a history by putting it on the map and fear by many by having the largest Airforce and Navy in Latin America back in the days, he proved it when he destroyed the Cuban Airforce when they tried to invade DR in an unsuscessful attempt.

    1. Jimmy Jones. Are u the rapper or the mass assassin that murdered the people in Jonestown Guyana? Why don’t u go and defend his daughter at a future book signing? Autopista Duarte and the Palacio, who cares? He held the country back and he had to go. Pure and Simple. He was a tool of The CIA and when he was not needed he was fed to the Wolves. El Matatan que se meaba enzima. lol hahahaha, hahahaha. Jimmy Jones u probably are not even a Hispano. Whats ur hispanic name Amigo? Well Mr. Jones? Beat It!!!!

  6. When Trujillo took power in Dominican Republic in 1930 a few months later San Cenon Huracan destroyed the city of Santo Domingo.Trujillo did what a president is suppose to do, he gave order to build the city and who ever try to still a pece of wood were put in jale.Trujillo, builded the Dominican Republic he builded.. hospitals, rouds, sities, Fabrics, one of the best sample, in the city of Santo Domingo we only had by that time one hospital EL PADRE BILLINI,and Trujillo builded.. LA ANGELITA,DARIO CONTRERA,EL MARION,LA MATERNIDAD, MOSCOSO PUELLO, EL MORGAN EST.If u want to know more about Trujillo just compare 50 years later what had we done and what Trujillo did in 30 years.

    1. I believe that there were people like yourself who served in Trujillos government. Why was the Good Caudillo assasinated Fernandez? 40 years in power. After a while The Feces begins to stink and he was stinking.

  7. I,m not a trujillista this is just about reality,how many people got kill every years in the democrasy era right now.

  8. I was born in the Dominican Republic and migrated to the United States in March of 1965. I did not learn anything about Trujillo from my parents because they always painted him as a tyrant. After reading books about him and doing some research on the NET, I made up my mind how nasty this man really was. It’s difficult for me to believe how his daughter (Angelita) could be so naive about her father’s innocence.

  9. Why keep living in the lies of traitors!!! If you want you can believe anything you want? either you love him or hate him. History is the proof of absolution! And the proof is overwhelming!!

  10. I would like to really read that book, why would she defend her dad, if everyone knew how bad of a dictator he was…. If I know that my dad was a bad dictator? I would admit that he was bad ….you can not hide the lie from the truth… And the truth will set you free!

  11. I had family members from my dad side that worked with Trujillo.. He was HORRIBLE! and the worse part was when he send his own people to kill three innocent sisters that wanted to serve the polical rights for their country.. Thats very wrong what he did… How can a person like Trujillo was sooooo cold hearted, had his own people tortured and kill in a cruel way…. That was insane, and don’t even mention Fidel Castro because the truth of the matter is that they all had connections, look at Maduro the president of Venezuela how wrong he is by not doing what he suppose to be doing as a president.. People are killing each other, don’t even care of what’s going on with family living in poverty… So Trujillo’s daughter better get her facts straight about her daddy “the son of a gun” before publishing a book about Trujillo…

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