New Book: Telecommunications in the Americas and the Dominican Republic

Teo Veras is radio broadcaster, entrepreneur, producer, and editor of publications. He is well-known in the Dominican Republic for his vast broadcasting experience and notably for his early morning radio show “El Matutino con Teo Veras,” also known as “Teo Veras en la Mañana.” He has just launched his book Las telecomunicaciones en las Américas y República Dominicana: Origen y desarrollo [Telecommunications in the Americas and the Dominican Republic: Origin and Development] in the Dominican Republic and New York. This book is the result of ten years of research; it presents the history of telecommunications starting from the origins of global communications and then moving to their development in the Americas and, in particularly, the Dominican Republic, as a leader in technological development of the telecommunications platform.

Topics include history of various systems, such as photography, the telegraph, television, the Internet, digital radio, and Podcasts, with emphasis on the history of radio. The book covers interesting information about the Dominican Republic’s role in telecommunications history (for example, it was the first country to transmit a baseball game via radio) and answers numerous questions [such as “What did the Dominican Republic have to do with the bombing of Pearl Harbor?”].

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