UWI to offer scholarships to Haitian students

The University of the West Indies (UWI) is spearheading an initiative to offer scholarships to more than 100 Haitian students. The UWI is leading an Association of Universities and Research Institutions of the Caribbean (UNICA) response to Haiti’s tertiary education sector. The move could result in Haitian students attending classes at its campuses in Mona, Jamaica, St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago and Cave Hill in Barbados. The UWI vice chancellor, Professor Nigel Harris says appeals will be made to the Organisation of American States (OAS) and other international agencies to assist in providing scholarships to cover living expenses for Haitian students. The UWI is also considering sharing its faculty with Haiti.
Professor Harris was addressing a meeting yesterday of diplomats representing seven countries with UNICA-member universities. Charge d’ Affaires of the Haitian Embassy, Max Alce told the meeting that 40 university professors, 1,300 teachers and 4,000 students died in the January 12 earthquake. He also said 13 university faculty buildings collapsed and 2,394 schools were destroyed. Mr. Alce further asked that UWI and UNICA consider both short and long term strategies as Haiti will need continuous help for some time to reconstruct its education system. UNICA’s response to Haiti’s tertiary education needs is to be discussed on March 15 at the Association’s annual meeting at the UWI St. Augustine campus.

For the original report go to http://go-jamaica.com/news/read_article.php?id=17162

30 thoughts on “UWI to offer scholarships to Haitian students

  1. Hi!
    Citizen of Haïti,i was a student of the school of Law at the Université d’Etat d’Haiti and i get an intermediate level in the english laguage.I want to continue with my studies in Jamaica.I want you to send me all documents about my admission for getting this scholarship.

  2. Good morning!
    I am an haitian student. I was studying medecine in Haiti, my first year. I want to get this scholarship. I would like to study in the UWI. Please help me. Thanks.

    1. i was an haitian student.i left haiti with my family since january 12,2010.I am a sportif i play Soccer And BAsketball.i am looking for scholarship.i learn english and i’ll take the SAT test.I want to know if you can evaluate me cause i really want a scholarship to make my dream come true and help my country.I love computer science,electronic engeneering,Networking,graphic Design and Game Production.

  3. Good morning,
    I am Doriscourt Wilson seeking a scholarship to terminate studying computer sciences, because the university faculty that i were, is completely collapse, and i do not have no where to go one with that. It will be good for me if you help get this scholarship.
    I believe in your understanding

    e-mail: ingdwilson@gmail.com

  4. My name is Yves Nolan Fragé, i was studying economics Sciences, but the university was totally collapsed. Please i need a scholarship to finish my study in ur university. thanks

  5. Praise God. we have people that God put in our way to think about our situation in Haiti. it is the reason why I send you this email just to make you know. I will really love to go back to school. I am in the US after the quake.

  6. Yes
    I am a student in second year of psychology at the Haitian state university. We can not continue our studies by the catastroph of the earthquake of January 12. Now, I would like to continue my studies in Jamaica. Why I ask you to help me by the way of a scholarship.

  7. Ludner Larose

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I was born in a hut in a tiny village, Chapoten, in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti. Growing up in Chapoten, like the vast majority of other families, we did not have any material possessions. But we were always grateful for the little food that kept us alive and for each other. Growing up in circumstances of extreme poverty provided me with invaluable life lessons and strengthened my faith in the Lord. I learned the true meaning of Christianity and the role of faith in an environment of overwhelming poverty. I learned that true happiness and fulfillment of the self does not come from possessions or material things, but rather from the divine, unconditional, self sacrificing, active, and thoughtful Christian life. Moreover, I learned that I could overcome the impossible through faith and prayer.
    After years of struggle and hard work, my family immigrated to a housing project in the capital city of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, where I attended an inner city middle and high school. There I attended school during the day and worked odd jobs at night to pay for my schooling and provide for my family. It was not easy, but the Scripture says that we are capable of doing all things through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who strengthens us – Philippians 4:13. After successfully completing my secondary studies, I devoted myself to study the English language to prepare myself for any opportunity that may come my way in order to get a scholarship.
    Growing up, however, I was far from the likeliest candidate for this sort of favorable outcome. I attribute my success to my faith and unconditional devotion to serve my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. In the words of the renowned author, Marianne Williamson, we are all Children of God and he meant for all of us to shine as children do. Moreover, we were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. Indeed, I have chosen to continue my studies in Pastoral Ministry to make manifest the glory of God in my country, Haiti.
    I am hardworking, organized, versatile, and most of all passionate about pastoral ministry and social justice issues. I believe this passion has its roots in my experiences that have caused within me a strong consciousness of what it is to be empowered by faith and the core teachings of Christianity. As such, as a Christian, I have always taken active parts in initiatives to use the gospel to teach and empower others. Through Zion Bible College, I hope to use my professional platform as a Pastor to continue serving, empowering, and preaching to my fellow Haitians.
    I am ready to answer the call of my vocation to be a vessel of change in the field of Christian ministry. I am aware of the Colleges’ legacy of excellence. But I am not afraid of failure because I know that through hard work, the Lord will help me achieve my goals. Furthermore, I draw my inspiration from an infinite source – the people in the streets of Port-au-Prince to whom I promised that change and salvation would come. Through study, expertise, practice and innovation, West indies College will help me fulfill this promise.
    Thank you for allowing me to apply for an undergraduate position in the Pastoral Ministry program at West Indies College. It is with the utmost humility and sincerity that I write this personal statement as a testament of my qualifications and dedication to the field of Christian and Pastoral Ministry. Thank you for considering my application.

    Sincerely yours,
    Ludner Larose

  8. Hi,

    To Whom it may concern:

    My dream is to become a medical doctor to help my brothers and sisters in Haiti who are dying because of lack of medical care. I was helpless until i found out that UWI is taking the initiative to help desperete haitians students to reach their goals. I would appreciate very very much if i can get a scholarship to go to medical school please. Thank you so much for thinking about us.

    Bendy E. Desert

  9. Helllo
    I hope you are doing great.My name is Minerva and I am from Haiti I am contacting because I am interested in going back to school but i knw for sure it is not possible right now in Haiti so I would like to knwo if there is anyway that you can help me to get a scholarship so that I can study at UWI,please thank you so much and May God bless you.

  10. Hello

    I am Michelet Hilaire, one of the victims of the earthquake. So as a young haitian i want to continue to study for helping myself and my country Haiti

    Sincerely Michelet Hilaire
    509 38180277

  11. i’m a young haitian, and i was a student at GOC, THIS SCHOOL IS COMPLETLY COLLAPSE, please help me to find a scholarship, juste to keep on with my studying, cause i want to increase my knowledge for a better life tomorrow

  12. Greeting,
    My name is Hubert. I live in Haiti. I’ve always dream of being a Engineer. After hear about this great program by UWI I feel like my dream is finally coming true. I am a very stong and determined individual. Accomplishing my dream will be a gift to myself and my family. For after the death of my father I’ve been the provider for my family. With a degree in engineering I can obtain a beter job to help both my mom and my siblings. I live to see my dream come true through a program such is UWI. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  13. Hi
    my name is Keven Saint-Louis and i was born and raise in Haiti i was not in the country when the earthquake happen but i decided to help my country. i am planing on being a nurse in the future and join the United Stated Navy get station in Haiti and go back to help Haitian out. i am currently looking for Haitian Scholarships. please you can contact me at kevensl@ymail.com to let me know about scholarship program that you guys have. thank you

  14. I am looking for a scholarship for my sponsored son in Jacmel Haiti. He needs about 1 1/2 years to become an architect and we are looking for scholarships for him. Please help and let me know where we can apply. Gerald is a hard working, bright student and his dream has been temporarily put on hold. I have sponsored him for over 10 years and my son-in-laws parents have built a medical mission in Jacmel. They provide medical assistance via 6 missions a year. That is where I met Gerald. I want the best for him and I am looking for scolarships for him. Please let me know what is needed and i will contact Gerald.


  15. Hi,
    My name is ginel joseph,i’m a native haitian.I’d like to get a sholarship in theology or in law to study abroad.my country has been almost devasted after the deadly earthquake which occured on january 12th.Please,do your best to help me in my higher educational study.

  16. To Whom It May Concern,

    I am a Senior in college in the U.S., but I am constantly looking for opportunities for my friends who are back in Haiti.
    My friends are motivated, and they believe in success through hard-working. They are ready to study anything that can help them contribute to the rebuilding of Haiti. My dream, like the dream of many other Haitian students abroad, is to go back to participate in the rebuilding of Haiti, but without future capable people, like my friends, in all fields, the task will be difficult. For such reason, I would appreciate it if you would consider providing me with more details and the next steps to take in order to be granted the scholarship.
    I can be contacted via email at michelet190@hotmail.com, and I can also be contacted via my cell phone: 507 429 6713.


  17. I am a Haitian student, I currently live in Haiti . As you know all about what had happened in my country, so I am a victim of the earthquake of January 12. View from the Don way things are going in my country, we the students, our future is really at stake this fact, seeking help on the net, I found you as a good reference as to appeal find a scholarship. I love life, I study and I am very concerned about my future. I feel useless and boring and staying without doing anything. I want to study and I can. Please help me. That’s all I ask. Help me find a real scholarship study

    Please accept, Mr Chantal santelices, my most respectful greetings

    Thank you in advance for your hel

  18. Hi,
    My name is jonathan jean-Louis i am originally from Haiti. I am a young student enroll at HERKIMER COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE in NEW YORK. I get recruited go go played soccer for them last year. I been paying school with my own money no help any how I am 20. I don’t get any help to pay school .I have to work two job doing summer to pay for my tuition. both of my parent are in Haiti. I am wonder if someone can help me find a way to help me with some scholarship. to help me save my education .I am on my second year. i will love to have my degree as soon as is possible, and i am also the first in my family going to college. please help me find some scholarship to achieve my goal. which is become a DENTAL HIGIENUS. to go back and Help my beautiful people. thanks you may God bless you.

  19. have a scholarship,because befor the eartquake i was in first year ;isth[institut superieur thecnique d’ahiti en engeniering now i wanna scholarship for continue please help me

  20. I want to receive a scholarship to be able to study I am in america after the earthquake and I need to get a new diploma to be able to work I am a dentist practioner in hati

  21. Good morning:

    My name is Evens Guey. I was born in Haiti but now I live in Dominican Republic. I speak French, English, some Spanish and Haitian Creole.

    I write in order for you to send me further information about the process for obtaing a University or any other kind of scholarship you have available for people who have only finished Secondary Studies (High school).

    Well, after the earthquake, my parents lost their house and business. So my other brothers and my sisters who have graduated from high school were kept from being able to go to University just as our parents have planned it for us. Therefore, for this new year 2011, we really hope we could find some scholarship that would help us learn something more to earn some money to be able to help our parents just as they have been supporting us since we were babies (even before).

    Thus, we count on your support that you will find a way to help us learn something in a free-charge way, even though we will have to pay it after.

    Happy New Year 2011.

    Truly yours in my family`s name,
    Evens GUEY

    (Oficina de FISK Escuela Int. de INGLÉS)
    Ave Romulo Betancourt 1370
    Santo Domingo, D.N.
    Republica Dominicana

    Cel Phone #: (809) 614-7280
    Magic Jack #: 1-347-430-4919
    Work Phone #: (809) 534- 5063 / (809) 533-9571

    Facebook: evensguey@yahoo.fr
    Skype: heftyspv
    Myspace: amazing22fr@yahoo.fr
    Twitter: Gifted_mind

  22. Dear Advisor,
    My name is Giraud Pierre from Haiti and currently live there. I very BIG vision for my country but I need to study to make the vision come true that’s the reason why I want to get a scholarship in Business Admininstration to study abroard and I want to let you know that I started to study this matter in a College unfortunately I couldn’t pay it anymore and I obliged to leave it. Now, I’m setting up an orgazation that calls “Help Others Foundation” I need more education to plan and well-organize it. Please send me more information on how to apply. Thanks in advance Mr./Mrs Advisor!

    Email : pgiraupierre18@gmail.com/ purposeofgod@live.com
    Phones : +509 3675 6416/ +509 3438 4362
    Skype : preacher.g
    Facebook : pierre_githeone87@yahoo.fr/preachergiraudpierre

  23. Hello. My name is David Pointe-Jour, I am originally from Haiti. I greet and thank all this staff members for the opportinuty they offert to the haitians students to show their necessity of this great need which is Education. It is clear to see that haitians are in need of higher studies because most of them can’t afford it. That is the reason why I have started mine in Computers I have spent three years and haven’t happened to finish it and make a specialization. So I would like to find a scholarship abroad to pursue my dreams.
    If anyone feels free and ready to help please contact me :
    Phones : (+509)3627-2796 <> (+509)3350-8268
    Email : ptdujr@gmail.com

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