Barbadian Film: Hush 2 End the Silence

Hush 2: End the Silence is a Barbadian film dealing with the issues of incest, sexual abuse, drugs, and violence inflicted on youth and how they are affected. Set entirely in Barbados, Hush 2 was written and directed by Marcia Weekes. It is a sequel to Weekes’ previous Hush, a film about teenage pregnancy and abortion.

Weekes emphasizes that “What we are trying to do is tell our stories. In the Caribbean, we have a lot of stories to tell, but in a way that we are entertaining people.” She states that “we are just writing about what we see in society,” noting that “some cases are even more graphic than the movie.” The director says that it is especially hard for some men to see the violence in the rape scene, but “when you sit and actually see it, my hope is you will not just shed a tear, but be moved to action.” Weekes is also the Director of Praise Academy of Dance.

The Gleaner reports that 2006 statistics reveal that “more than 1,700 children were victims of major crimes, including rape, committed in Jamaica.” The United Nations estimates that only about one in 10 sexual offenses is reported for fear of social stigma and the possibility of reprisals. Hush 2: End the Silence encourages young people to end the silence and seek healing.

In Jamaica, the Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (SCFSU), in partnership with Step by Step Productions, the Barbadian film and production company, premiered the movie yesterday, February 24, 2010, and it is currently open to the general public at the Palace Cineplex (at the Sovereign Center) in Kingston, Jamaica.

In Barbados, response to the film has been overwhelming. It was shown for eight consecutive weeks. Barbadian high schools were taken to the cinema and, overall, more than 20,000 persons in Barbados have seen the movie. Step by Step worked with the schools’ guidance counselors to provide support for students who needed it after watching the movie. They also hosted weekend retreats for the students. The SCFSU and a coalition of partners will seek to provide similar support for the Jamaican leg.

After the screenings in Jamaica, Hush 2 is set to go to Antigua in March, and then Guyana.

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12 thoughts on “Barbadian Film: Hush 2 End the Silence

  1. How do I get to watch these 2 movies. I have been hearing alot about them and would like to watch them as well

  2. I LOVE HUSH 1 and hush 2 i am a barbadian and i live in st.phllip rubypark and i will really like to see the stars from hush 1 and hush2

  3. hey i would like to know more about the band or ring i think that makiesha wore that signifies she will reclaim her virginity in Hush 2

  4. This is te best movie ever and as Im a teen growin up I learnt alot from this fantastic movie…. i must say that I luv Troy!!

  5. This is the best movie ever and as Im a teen growin up I learnt alot from this fantastic movie…. i must say that I luv Troy!!

  6. Hi my name is tandecca and I would like to say that that movie inspired me a lot and I would like to dedicated it to other girl in the world not to get pregnant at a early aged goin to school.and by the way I’m from guyana in region 44 known as georgetown

  7. hi, i saw hush 1 bt i would like my family and church youth group to see it, so in trinidad where can i get it? hush 2 as well would be nich if anyone knows please let me know.

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