Dominica to Host Green Investment Conference

Dominica is expected to host an “International Green Investment Conference” slated for September 2010. The Green Investment Conference “will make the links between issues of climate change and social and economic change clearer by bringing together practitioners of green business in Dominica, along with their overseas counterparts, to establish knowledge-based business partnerships that result in commercial investments to green the Dominican economy.” The Development Institute (TDI) will host a preliminary activity, “The Green Investment Dialogue,” on February 25, 2010, in preparation for the conference.

TDI executive director Atherton Martin underlines the importance of these global meetings are as a means of setting a clear response path for developing countries as well as the need for prompt action by Dominica and other vulnerable small island developing countries. A press release by the institute states that in small islands like Dominica where all natural and built systems are in very close physical proximity to each other, the direct links between economic and ecological crisis is confronted every day.

The preliminary “Green Investment Dialogue” will permit a cross-section of stakeholders to become involved in shaping the agenda that will be pursued at the September conference. Participants will focus on issues of policy, funding, technology, administration, and human resources “that can facilitate and accelerate the growth of a vibrant green economy capable of meeting sustainable social, economic and environmental objectives.”

The Development Institute is a national non-government, not-for profit development organization concerned with re-empowering individuals, organization and communities and to facilitate the linkage between the micro and macro levels of society for sustainable development. 

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