I’m no joke, argues Jamaica’s Kerr

Reuters reports that Jamaica’s Errol Kerr wants everybody to know he is not just a fluke who made it to the Olympics because he is representing a Caribbean island nation. He can really ski and has medal chances. “I didn’t get an easy ticket here,” said Kerr, a New York native who has dual U.S./Jamaican citizenship thanks to his Jamaican father. “I know I can ski with anyone here,” said Kerr, who finished 9th of 33 in the qualifying round of the debut Olympic ski cross competition on Sunday, just 1.18 seconds slower than the top qualifier.

Kerr, the only member of the Jamaican Winter Olympics team, said he felt a kinship with his father’s country which is why he decided to race for Jamaica. “Obviously I could have skied for the U.S.,” said Kerr, who moved to the Lake Tahoe area of California when he was young. “Everyone thinks I’m a joke. I’m not — I can ski. I do have support from a lot of fans,” said Kerr, who said he received about 2,000 messages on Facebook before his race on Sunday morning, mostly from Jamaicans. A small but vocal crowd of green and yellow-jacketed supporters stood cheering in the stands, waving a Jamaican flag as Kerr beat the two U.S. skiers in the qualifying round, including his idol, skiing legend Daron Rahlves who qualified 24th.

“I didn’t get an easy ticket here,” said Kerr. “We can have a shot at a medal in this sport.”

Kerr’s shot at a medal, unfortunately, ended later Sunday afternoon when he failed to move beyond the quarterfinals in the event.

For the original report go to http://in.reuters.com/article/worldOfSport/idINIndia-46351320100222

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