South Florida: Awards for Representatives of Dominican Culture

The South Florida Dominica Diaspora Association and the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) hosted a Calypso Show last week and awarded 10 Dominicans for their contribution towards national development and for upholding Dominican culture in the Diaspora.

Awards were granted to calypsonian Derek “De Hunter” St. Rose for his commitment and dedication in promoting Dominica’s music worldwide; teacher Glenda Bertrand for her outstanding contribution and commitment to early childhood education for over 30 years; Angelo “Fufu” Charles for over 45 years of dedication as a safe driver in public transportation; and cultural activist Ashworth Brong Simon for his outstanding contribution in arts, culture, and community service. The Dominica Calypso Association also presented plaques to Bertrand Bruney, Franklyn Harris, Philbert Alleyne, Derrick St. Rose, Ras Kelly, Darnley Guye, and Emil Padencia for their dedicated service to the organization.

Pioneer of the South Florida Dominica Diaspora Association Emile “Pa Ben” Serrant says that he is motivated because of recipients’ appreciation for the gesture.

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3 thoughts on “South Florida: Awards for Representatives of Dominican Culture

  1. Ivetee, you may want to drop de “n” and check the headline as it should read:”… Dominica Culture…” instead of “… Dominican Culture…”


    1. I appreciate the suggestion. However, the correct adjective is Dominican (with stress on the second “i”) when referring to something or someone from Dominica.

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