Jamaican musicians record song for Haiti

South Florida Caribbean News reports that  Jamaica’s musical fraternity is lending its support to Haiti recovery efforts through the creation of “Listen 2 the Call,” a collaborative song which will have its global premiere on Tuesday, February 23 at 4:53 pm EST. Written by Raymond Azan, co-founder of For Jamaica Inc., and produced by Handel Tucker, “Listen 2 the Call” is a special musical gift made possible through the contribution of more than 30 of the island’s top artistes and musicians. This version of “Listen 2 the Call,” which will premiere on February 23, is a special mix of the song, which runs for four minutes and fifty three seconds to commemorate the time the quake hit the Haitian capital. The lyrics offer encouragement and support for the people of Haiti. According to the producers, “The goal of this project is to inspire people around the world to “Listen 2 the Call” not only of the poor, the suffering and displaced in Haiti, but rather to listen to their conscience and extend a helping hand.”
“Music is an important part of our culture and it is heartening to see the collaboration of a number of our top entertainers as part of a global effort to help our Haitian neighbors,” says John Lynch, Director of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board. “We hope everyone will “Listen 2 the Call” and act.” Following the global simulcast premiere on February 23, the full version of the song will be available online for purchase. Proceeds from the sale of this song, including videos will be used to assist Haiti’s recovery and rehabilitation.

For more, including a list of all participating musicians, go to http://www.sflcn.com/story.php?id=8082

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