In Trinidad Tonight, Pan in the “Big Yard”

Hundreds of Tobagonians are heading to the “Big Yard” in Port of Spain tonight to support the island’s six bands and close to 500 panmen in National Panorama Large and Medium Band finals at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Some of the bands to perform are RBTT Redemption Sound Setters, Katzenjammers, NLCB Buccooneers, Carib Dixieland, West Side Symphony, and Steel Xplosion.

$1.2 million in assistance was given to the Tobago pannists taking part in the national finals, $200,000 of which went to the six qualifying bands— $40,000 to the large band and $32,000 each to the five medium bands. Representatives of the bands were present to receive the cheques on Monday at the Fairfield Complex. Community Development and Culture Secretary Tracy Davidson-Celestine congratulated the bands on their achievement and stressed that this assistance had been long in coming, after years of requests. The Secretary said the decision to give financial support to the bands was against the backdrop of supporting excellence and development.

Beverly Ramsey-Moore, Assistant Secretary of Pan Trinbago said she has always been arguing for the Tobago Bands and commended the Culture Secretary and the THA for giving the people of Tobago that type of representation. She stressed that it is indeed an expensive process to compete and expressed her confidence that Tobago will put in a good performance when the bands take center stage: “I think they are well prepared, they are practicing extremely hard and we look forward to good things from the Tobago bands this year.”

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