Habitat for Humanity in Haiti

Habitat for Humanity has set a goal to help improve living conditions for 50,000 families in Haiti who were affected by the devastating earthquake.

Habitat chief executive Jonathan Reckford said Monday that the nonprofit organization is planning a multiyear effort to rehabilitate and reconstruct shelters and housing, adding that it is a “bold goal for Habitat for Humanity, but the level of destruction and the number of families affected demands a bold response.”

The organization will begin with the distribution of 10,000 shelter kits designed to help families make immediate repairs and construct emergency shelter. They will be distributed to families by Habitat employees and partners. Improvements and additions to transitional shelters can be made over time, turning them into permanent core homes. Habitat workers will also help families remove debris and repair homes. In another phase, they will build permanent houses that are resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes.

Although Habitat for Humanity has been operating in Haiti for over 26 years, the Habitat Haiti office building was destroyed in the earthquake. As part of the organization’s immediate response, it will be vital to assist Habitat Haiti in restoring its capacity to fully participate in the recovery efforts.

For article, see http://www.bostonherald.com/news/international/americas/view/20100209habitat_for_humanity_aims_to_help_50000_families_in_haiti  

For more information and to donate, see Habitat for Humanity’s website at www.habitat.org

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