Photographer Luis Alcalá del Olmo’s “Haiti 7.0”

“Haiti 7.0” is a photographic essay by Spanish artist and photojournalist Luis Alcalá del Olmo, recently published by Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora. The Dr. Pío López Martínez Museum of the University of Puerto Rico-Cayey, will host a lecture and exhibition by Alcalá del Olmo on Thursday, February 18 at 10:30am, where the artist will speak about his photographic work on Haiti. The lecture will be held at the Morales Carrion Amphitheater.

Luis Alcalá del Olmo was born in Spain but has lived in Puerto Rico since 1997. He has exhibited his work throughout Europe and Latin America. Some of his photographic collections have focused on ritual and manifestations of religious beliefs, such as his work on various types of vodou ceremonies in Haiti, religious rites in the Philippines, and Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival in Brazil.

For more information on the lecture and exhibition you may call (787) 738-0650 or (787) 738-2161, extension 2191, or by email at

See Luis Alcalá del Olmo’s page at

One thought on “Photographer Luis Alcalá del Olmo’s “Haiti 7.0”

  1. Such a beautiful plcae to rest..i am a nurse working here in Haiti..i am with the Cuban contingent which first arrived and although i am a res of the US now..i have remained behind to share what i have with haiti..
    Thanks so much
    Milagros Garcia V

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