Dominican artist Arnold Toulon opens exhibit in St Lucia

The Inner Gallery at Bois d’Orange in St Lucia is hosting  The Barmecide Feast, a one-man show by Dominica-born artist Arnold Toulon.  Toulon, who was educated in Jamaica at the Edna Manley School of Visual Arts, has exhibited his work widely throughout the Caribbean. He has lived in St Lucia for more than fifteen years. Believing that paint brushes are “contrived” and “constraints of the academy,” Toulon applies his paint with used phone-cards and etches the surface with an ice pick.

The exhibition opened on 26th January and continues until February 16th.

For further information, The Inner Gallery can be contacted at 1 758 457 8728 or via email at Pieces from the exhibition may be viewed on The Inner Gallery’s website  from January 26th onwards.

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