Stan Kuiperi, Aruban Artist

CAW Magazine’s Marina Vatav recently featured Aruban artist Stan Kuiperi. In her article, “Stan Kuiperi and His Relentless Pursuit of Art and Education,” she stresses Kuiperi’s relationship to Aruba’s landscapes and his commitment to teaching and to producing artwork that calls for protecting the natural environment and Aruban culture.

Interviewed by Vatav, Kuiperi explains that recent economic and social growth in Aruba takes away from its natural environment. Through his work, the artist tries “to make people aware that they are destroying their own natural environment if they tear down trees, cacti, and everything that is natural to build houses, shopping malls, and roads. Because it’s such a small island, it’s very fragile.” Vatav points out that Kuiperi “invites government representatives to the openings of his art shows and has a conversation around these issues. He notes that, fortunately, there’s a growing interest in maintaining the natural environment.”

Kuiperi’s works are inspired from the old indigenous philosophy that considers human beings as part the landscape: “Nature and human beings are not two separate things, it is one existence.” His current exhibition, Guadirikiri, centers on indigenous art. Kuiperi re-interprets indigenous rock drawings and cave paintings using modern materials and techniques. The collection is meant to make Arubans aware of their cultural heritage and environment. As Kuiperi insists, “Paradise comes at a price. You have to work for it, you have to be aware of it, and you have to conserve it. Because, I think, many nice communities like ours are being spoiled and changed much too rapidly.”

For full article and samples of Stan Kuiperi’s work (including the piece shown here, “Dushi Tera”), see

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