Wyclef to make film out of Haiti footage

Wyclef Jean wants to turn Flip camera footage of the horror in his native Haiti into a hard-hitting movie, so the world will understand the earthquake relief effort there will be a long one. The former Fugees star fears the international media covering the catastrophe and its aftermath is turning away from the worst scenes and giving tv viewers the impression that the relief effort has been a huge success. Although grateful  for all the aid sent to his homeland, he insists Haitians have a long struggle ahead and thinks footage he and his entourage shot of dead bodies left to decay on the streets will compel Americans, in particular, to keep helping after the TV crews pack up and go home.
Jean says, “You’re seeing a snapshot. What I did when I went down there, I went with a Flip cam, and what I want to do is, in the next two to three weeks, I wanna release a film through the eyes of Wyclef Jean, ‘cos I want you to see it from my Flip cam, so you understand (what’s going on) first hand. I think the American people should understand the urgency of giving… There are certain things you can’t show on the news, and I urge people to just look at this film… and see how you wanna get involved. I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, it’s better now…’ I want y’all to witness and see the devastation.”
Jean accepts news shows can’t show the depth of the post-earthquake devastation – and he’s glad children are protected from the horror in his homeland: “My daughter, she’s four, and I’m glad the way CNN and all them are portraying it, but… if you really wanna see what’s going on, you’re gonna have to watch this through the eyes of Wyclef.”

For the original report go to http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/story/wyclef-wants-his-footage-of-haiti-hell-to-become-a-film_1130345

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