Jamaica’s Fi Wi Sinting

Fi Wi Sinting is an annual one day celebration of Jamaica’s African heritage and a tribute to the ancestors. It is held at location Somerset Falls in Hope Bay, Portland, north of Port Antonio, Jamaica. It has become the largest Black History Month event in Jamaica. This year, Fi Wi Sinting, now in its twentieth year, is scheduled to be held on Sunday, February 14, 2010.

Events at the festival include all-day drumming, the African Marketplace (featuring handmade garments, jewelry, and crafts provided by local artisans), Nyabinghy chanting, performances by Kumina drummers and dancers, Mento, and a variety of other rhythms. There is also Jonkunoo theater, story-telling, book presentations, and the partaking of local dishes such as escovitch and steamed fish, rundung, dookoonu, ital, jerk chicken, puddings, and cakes. The participation of the community and the celebration of African culture are central to this day.

The official Fi Wi Sinting site explains, “Fi Wi Sinting is where we meet, greet and mingle in a family setting while indulging in Fi Wi Sinting, the Jamaican phrase meaning ‘It belongs to us.’”

For more information please call (876) 913-0103, email info@fiwisinting.com, or see http://www.fiwisinting.com/

Photo from http://www.jamaicans.com/tourist/jletters/FiWiSintingtrip042009.shtml

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