The jury for this year’s Casa de las Américas Prizes is announced

The jury who will decide the winners from among 400 submissions for the prestigious Casa de las Américas literary Prize began its deliberations today in Havana. Entries have been received from writers from 22 countries and winners will be announced on January 28th. Members of the jury include writers and intellectuals from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Perú, Venezuela and the United Kingdom. They will conduct most of their work in the city of Cienfuegos, as the President of the National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcón, announced yesterday in the opening act. A special prize for work that celebrates the Bicentennial of Latin American Emancipation” will be awarded this year in the essay category. The jury in that category includes Carmen Bohórquez (Venexuela) and Cubans Juan Valdés and Pedro Pablo Rodríguez (the latter a last minute substitute for Ecuadorian writer Bolívar Echeverría, who could not travel to Cuba for health reasons). The poetry jury consists of Graciela Aráoz (Argentina), Jotamario Arbeláez (Colombia), José María Memet (Chile), and Marino Wilson Jay (Cuba). In theater, the decision will be in the hands of Peky Andino (Ecuador), Sara Joffré (Perú) and Raúl Martín (Cuba).

Prizes will be announced in Havana on January 28.

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