Cuba and the US reach agreement to aid Haiti victims

Perhaps we can count this as one small miracle in a sea of devastation. Cuba has reached an agreement with the United States to allow medical evacuation flights with victims from the Haiti earthquake through restricted Cuban airspace, reducing the flight time to Miami by 90 minutes.

Tommy Vietor, a White House spokesman, said late yesterday that an agreement had been reached with the Cuban military for evacuation flights from the United States Naval Station in Guantánamo Bay to pass through the airspace over Cuba on their way to Florida. An arrangement already exists between the United States and Cuba permitting violations of airspace for emergency medical flights. But the Guantánamo base commander asked the local commander in Cuba to expand the authority to a standing basis, and Havana agreed, administration officials said.

Reported by The New York Times at

One thought on “Cuba and the US reach agreement to aid Haiti victims

  1. Cuba says it has 344 workers already assisting in relief efforts in devastated portions of Port au Prince and adds that two of its workers have been slightly injured. It also mentions forty-four physicians there though I can find no verification from any major news source of the U.N. El Presidente Leonel Fernandez may have indeed expressed his solidarity with Haiti through President Aristide, but I have no corroborating evidence of any kind on this. Perhaps this is too soon to start counting anything but whatever blessings and marvels that come.

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