Exhibition: Boat People – Bateaux de l’exil

“Boat People – Bateaux de l’exil” [Boat People-Boats of Exile] is an exhibition on view at the Musée de Bretagne in Rennes, France, until May 2, 2010. The exhibition renders tribute to the anonymous lives of those who have braved the sea to find other ports for religious, political, economic, or other reasons, by highlighting the witnesses of these journeys.

The material draws attention to a human phenomenon that may be “shifted semantically to say more than ‘boat people’” and to signify “‘clandestine,’ ‘refugee,’ ‘undocumented,’” words that are still prevalent in current affairs. “Without sensationalism,” the collection of photographs, film, press articles, personal accounts, and objects documents the huge number of “boat people”—refugees, sailors, doctors without borders, humanitarian agencies—traveling in the migratory flows occurring in different parts of the world extending from Viet Nam in the 1970s to the Caribbean of today.

For full review (in French; by Amalia Casado), see http://www.evene.fr/culture/agenda/boat-people-29116.php

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