Puerto Rican artists prepare for the Feast of San Sebastián

As Puerto Rico prepares to celebrate the feast of San Sebastian, which starts this coming Thursday in San Juan (see our earlier post at Las Fiestas de San Sebastián, Las Fiestas de San Sebastián [The Feast of Saint Sebastian]), local artists have begun to exhibit their commemorative work for the year. Among them is printmaker Yolanda Velázquez, whose own depiction of San Sebastián you see above. Her work, among that of many others, can be found this weekend at the main atrium of the Plaza las Américas mall in San Juan during the Jornada del Grabado (Printmakers’ showcase), and beginning Thursday along San Sebastián Street in Old San Juan.

The work above, the “San Sebastián of prosperity,” is a limited edition (100) print using 14k gold ink on navy blue paper (4×6 image on 8×10 or 8×20 paper). During the festival you can find the artist at Galería La Pulga Miope stand at the cuartel de Ballajá. If you won’t be able to make it to the festival but are interested in a copy of the print (which sells for $65), you can reach her at pamistunas@hotmail.com or through http://galeriaexodo.com/yolanda_velazquez/yolanda_velazquez.htm

 I thank her for her permission to use the image.

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