New Book: Fabienne Kanor’s Anticorps

Fabienne Kanor’s 2010 novel Anticorps [Antibody] is the story of a woman’s life told after forty years of marriage and forty years of stifled rebellion. After four decades of an unhappy marriage, Louise finally decides to disobey. Anticorps is a funny and cruel account of suppressed insurgences.

Born in Orléans, France of Martinican parents, Fabienne Kanor is an award-winning writer. After completing graduate studies in comparative literature and semiology, Kanor pursued a career in journalism as a reporter for Radio France International and Canal France International, and journalist for Nova and FR3. In 2003, she returned to her first loves: writing and documentary/short filmmaking (for example, La Noiraude in 2005). She lived in Senegal before returning to Martinique. Kanor is also the author of D’eaux douces (Prix Fetkann 2004), Humus (Prix RFO 2006), and Les chiens ne font pas des chats (2008).

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One thought on “New Book: Fabienne Kanor’s Anticorps

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