Carib’in Jazz Festival 2010

The Carib’in Jazz Festival 2010 will take place on January 23 and 24 at the Olympia (28, Boulevard des Capucines, Paris).

The festival presents 6 concerts a day, with performances by the Alain Jean-Marie Trio, Meddy Gerville, Trio Sol, Jacques Schwartz-Bart, Mizikopeyi, Andy Narell-Relator, Chycco Simeon, Omar Sossa, Tricia Evy Trio, Ultramarine, and Fall Frett.

This is a project originally created by Nathalie Fanfant, Philippe Lavil, and Thierry Fanfant to share with the Parisian audience their passion for jazz, a moment of warmth and artistic enjoyment in the center of Paris. “This festival of Caribbean/Latin Jazz brings a fusion of New Orleans with the islands of the Antilles. Because of their history, each one of these islands has developed its own variations of jazz that comes from ‘fields of cane or cotton,’ to quote Guy Konket. Caribbean music is thus made of infinite variations on the themes of métissage, multilingualism, and the créolization, connected to the global arena but anchored in their own realities.”

For description and program (in French), see

Photo: Mizikopeyi performance (by zoukphoto) from

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