Christiansted, St. Croix: The Crucian-Rican and All Ah We Three Kings Day Tramp

A holiday tradition about which I recently learned is the Crucian-Rican and All Ah We Three Kings Day Tramp (parade) and breakfast. Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis, one of the originators of the event, explains that the idea for the tramp and breakfast began in 2004 after the St. Croix Landmarks Society presented a historic walk of Gallows Bay: “That walk led to the discovery that 14 well-known bakers had lived in the area. Francis, with George “Bagoon” O’Reilly, decided to start a ‘teetee’ bread bake-off and hold it on the first Tuesday of the year, which happened to be Three Kings Day in 2005.” This led to a traditional tramp and breakfast, an event, which keeps getting bigger each year, celebrating Three King’s Day and highlighting the intersections of Crucian and Puerto Rican cultures.

Last Wednesday’s Crucian-Rican and All Ah We Three Kings Day festivities started at 6:00am “with Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights leading the hour-long walk of hundreds from Bassin Triangle to Christian ‘Shan’ Market where volunteers served breakfast.” Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority employees gave out water, juice, and finger towels for folks perspiring in the tramp. At the breakfast, the Crucian-Rican food was all free, made and served by volunteers, and people continued to bring in more food—including ham, callaloo, saltfish, bread, cheese, salmon balls, fruit, and johnny cakes—to contribute to the meal. Live bands and DJs provided music under tents set up for the occasion.

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