Belize institutes annual Andy Palacio lecture

Belizean Garifuna icon Andy Palacio died on January 19, 2008 but his legacy lives on through music, culture and the sense of pride for his accomplishments that all Belizeans share in. This past December 2, when he would have been 49, the Andy Palacio Foundation held the first annual Andy Palacio Lecture to commemorate his legacy. The lecture was delivered by Yasser Musa at the Bliss Center in Belize City. Mussa said that a lecture tribute to Palacio was a very fitting thing because “Andy Palacio was an intellectual and I say that in a very heartfelt way because I had many discussions with him. Many people think of artists as just people who produce products, whether paintings or music or drama whatever. But he was this unique type of artist, an intellectual, a guy who could think, who read a lot, who could discuss. And artists today must emulate this behavior.” Palacio’s daughter Kami added that “What it really means to me is that we are not forgetting him. We are trying to carry on with his legacy. It really means a lot to me today.” To commemorate the day, Aurelio Martínez released the video of a song he had written to honor Palacio.

Andy Palacio (December 2, 1960-January 19, 2008) was a Belizean Punta musician and government official. He was also a leading activist for the Garínagi and their culture.

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