Jamaica: Great Guinness DJ Finals Showdown Set for Mas Camp

The Great Guinness Finals showdown will take place at Mas Camp on Oxford Road, New Kingston, Jamaica, on Saturday, January 9, 2010. The sound system of veteran DJ Sound Trooper will be pitted againts Bass Odyssey’s for the title of Guinness Sound of Greatness for 2009. This implies “killing” all other sounds thereby by winning the title of the “greatest of sounds,” “bragging rights for a year,” and more than a million (Jamaican) dollars in cash.

So far, the Spanish Town-based Sound Trooper has triumphed over City Rock, Jamrock, and Black Widdo with relative ease, with Ricky Trooper declaring that the vanquished did not have the expertise to defeat his mighty sound system. Trooper expects to defeat Bass Odyssey from Alexandria (St. Ann) in the finals because this showdown has become more than just about winning the competition because of the supposed “bad blood” between them. He claims,”Mi no respec’ Bass Odyssey. This clash is like a grudge thing. [. . .] Me naw go ramp with Bass Odyssey, me just a go mash dem up.” In preparation for competing with the seasoned rival, Sound Trooper plans to ramp up the intensity, stating that “The bigger the opponent the bigger me play. [. . . ] From start to finish we are going to deal with them wicked. This is a serious dance, no joke this.”

Meanwhile, Bass Odyssey’s Keith Walford denies any “bad blood” but confirms that he does not like Trooper’s approach, adding that “Those who know better do better.” The Bass Odyssey owner calmly affirms that “If there is something we need to do, we are going to do it to win. We are just going to prepare like we have always done.”

Guinness Brand’s Gareth Geddes explains that songs selected for the clashes must be fit to be played on the radio. He also said that language that incites violence or discriminates against any particular group of persons will be prohibited, stressing that “The main aim of the rules [is] keeping the competition clean.”

For full article, see http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20100107/ent/ent2.html

Photos: Sound Trooper (above) and Keith Walford (below).

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