Fundraiser for Haiti: The 8th Annual Merci D’Avance Dance

The annual fundraising Merci D’Avance Dance [Thanks in Advance Dance] will be held on Saturday, January 16, 2010, from 6:00pm until midnight at the Messina Italian Restaurant, which is located at 4100 Route 6 in Eastham, Massachusetts. All proceeds will go to the “Haiti Project;” every year, their winter dance fundraiser ensures that the small, rural community of Matènwa, Haiti, will continue the economic development and education so crucial to their growth and survival.

The general public is invited to “meet, eat, drink, dance, and donate.” Tickets for the events are $20 at the door; tickets include Italian buffet and 2 raffle tickets. The event will include Caribbean DJ Dancing, live entertainment, fresh raw bar, and a cash bar. The evening will also feature an exhibition of handmade work by the artists of Matènwa, a photo display, a slide show presentation, and a silent auction.

Matènwa is a small, rural Haitian community in the mountains of Lagonav, an island in Haiti’s great, blue bay. Poverty forces a deforestation that ruins the balance of nature, eroding away the topsoil, which in turn washes down to the sea killing off edible fish. The village of Matènwa has survived for generations by farming small family plots and slowly turning trees into charcoal for sale. Women and children travel miles to collect precious water from a scattering of mountain springs. There is a constant struggle to afford rice, fuel and medicine. Women, who do much of the labor and child-raising, battle to keep their families fed, often depending on other family members, or men who have less work as traditional farming methods fail. [Also see RaRa and the Women Artists of Matenwa, Haiti]

For information on how to donate, see

For more information on Matènwa, see

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