The 2010 Curaçao Art Calendar: Herman van Bergen

Artist Herman van Bergen showed a number of new works in oil/gouache on canvas at the Mon Art Gallery in an exhibition that opened on October 18, 2009. Mon Art Productions has now published its 2010 Curaçao Art Calendar with Herman van Bergen’s typical Curaçaoan scenes. The striking watercolors, “which are bathed in the magnificent Caribbean light,” feature the traditional beauty of Curaçao and scenes of monuments in Scharloo, Caracas Bay, and a fishing village in Mundo Nobo, among others.

Herman van Bergen was born in Nijmegen in 1953. He describes his work thus:

The sense of senselessness. The perfection in imperfection. The beauty of the fleeting. That is the essence of the work and the life of artist Herman van Bergen. Where society shuns confrontation, difficulty, and existential pain, Van Bergen chooses to look that pain straight in the eye, using it to explore the naked beauty of our existence. [. . .] van Bergen invites the viewer to recognize the beauty in what is usually deemed ugly. Both his paintings and his installations are directed at finding the unfamiliar, the mystical in the ordinary.

The 2010 Curaçao Art Calendar is available from Mon Art Gallery at and through

See Herman van Bergen’s work at

2 thoughts on “The 2010 Curaçao Art Calendar: Herman van Bergen

  1. We are interested in ther artcalender.
    Could you tell us if the calender is still obtainable?
    WE live in Holland, so maybe the calender is also sold somewhere in the Netherlands.
    Please adivice.
    Kindest regards,
    Ria Evers-Dokter

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