Singer Sandro to be buried today

Roberto Sánchez, the Argentinean singer known as Sandro, has died in his native Argentina from complications of a heart and lung transplant performed last November. The musical icon, one of the most popular artists in the Spanish-speaking islands of the Caribbean during the 1970s and 80s, overcame humble origins to become one of the most beloved singers of romantic ballads throughout Latin America. And one of the sexiest, too, as he was always besieged by female fans throwing their underpants at him. Hits like Rosa, Rosa and Quiero llenarme de ti, are still frequently played by radio stations throughout the region.

Since a team of surgeons announced his death last night, after 45 days fighting for life after a heart-lung transplant, all TV channels and radio stations have dedicated programs to refer to his life and make known messages by the people.
The written press has also joined the homage, with analysis, commentaries, and reports on the life and work of who was baptized in that country as El Gitano, the Elvis Presley of Argentina, and Sandro of America.
A special note on Sandro’s presence in cinema refers to his participation in 13 films between 1965 and 1980, and his later incursions as director, with the film Tú me enloqueces (You Drive Me Crazy).
Fans have been standing in line for hours at the entrance of the Congress building, where his body has been laid for the people to bid farewell until his funeral, to be held today.

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