Worldwide Album Release for Bermudian Singer Christina Quinn

Bermudian Singer Christina Frith Quinn made a surprise appearance on Front Street on New Year’s Eve, performing songs from her ­upcoming album. The daughter of Michael K. Frith— chief designer for Jim Henson’s Muppets— is currently recording her music, which she ­describes as world rock, with her friend Lorenzo Toppano (who has produced around 38 albums in the Latin genre). Quinn explains that “The whole theme of the album is about bridging gaps between races, religions and cultures; all of my music comes out of a desire to promote healing of the world and humanity.”

The Bermuda sun reports that “Ms. Quinn was born into a family rich in artistic creativity. [. . .] Her cousin is successful Bermudian singer, songwriter, Heather Nova. Ms. Quinn was singled out at the age of seventeen amongst the students in her high school to sing at a peace concert with James Taylor and Chaka Khan. Most recently, she has sung on a recording of the song, ‘Be Still My Soul’ with singer/songwriters Beth Nielsen Chapman and Bonnie Raitt for a tsunami relief project. The new CD is due for release around April on worldwide release.”

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