Remembering Belkis Ayón (1967-1999), Cuban Printmaker

Earlier this year, an exhibition of Belkis Ayón Manso’s works (Havana, 1967-1999) entitled “Nakme” was organized in memory of the artist 10 years after her death. “Nkame” (a word for praising and greeting in the abakuá language), presented over 80 pieces of her work. More recently, six contemporary Cuban graphic artists, including some of the artist’s students, participated in a display— Ayón’s Space— of their own works in an activity meant to evoke her pertinence and influence.  The artists spoke about Ayon’s impact on their work and lives, while also commenting on print-making in Cuba today.

This dialogue between Belkis’s work and the most recent Cuban graphic production featured artists Anyelmaidelín Calzadilla (1975), Ángel Madruga (1973), Aliosky García (1979), Octavio Irving (1978), Osmeivy Ortega (1980), and Orlando Montalván (1978), gathered under the direction of Katia Ayón, the artist’s sister, and Cristina Figueroa, curator.

The six projects of the young printmakers (some of them still studying at the Higher Institute of Arts) offered the public six different approaches, styles, techniques, and ways of dealing with the graphic arts. The artists all considered this event as a great honor and an opportunity to render tribute to Ayón’s work and legacy.

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Photo of Belkis Ayón’s in front of one of her pieces, from

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