Astérix and Obélix Speak Creole

After the success of Astérix Gran kannal la, Caraïbéditions has just published the Caribbean Creole version of another adventure of Astérix and Obélix, Albert Uderzo’s La Zizanni (December 2009), translated by Jean-Marc Rosier and Joseph Clémence.

Joseph Clémence, from Guadeloupe, has been teaching since 1965. A storyteller, Clémence specializes in Creole Language and Cultures.

Jean Marc Rosier is from Martinique. He is a founding member of the Mélanges Caraïbes Association and president of the Bannzil Kréyol Matinik and Dikté Kréyol associations. A writer and editor (K. Editions), his other translations include Tintin ek sé Picaros-la and Astérix Gran kannal la.

For full article in French, see

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