Levi Roots now tabloid fodder

Now that he has won BBC2’s Dragons’ Den competition, Jamaican entrepreneur Levi Roots has to contend with the UK’s voracious tabloids. The Daily Mail has taken aim at Root and the secret recipe that has brought him fame and fortune. Since pitching his spicy Reggae Reggae Sauce to the entrepreneurs on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den, the Jamaican musician’s backyard business has grown into a multi-million-pound concern and made him into a celebrity chef.

But, it seems that, as the Daily Mail contends, “the origins of the 51-year-old rastafarian’s success are shrouded in even more mystery than his foodie fans might have imagined. Levi has always maintained that the recipe for the jerk barbecue sauce was a family secret, passed down by his grandmother. But now one of his friends has claimed that he invented it, while another says that the story about Roots’s grandmother may be a marketing ploy.”

It seems much ado about nothing—especially since the proof is in the sauce, which is quite good, especially with the Argentinean empanadas made at Twisted Soul, a local shop near me—but if you like a bit of malicious gossip to liven up your days, you can get the entire semi-sordid non-story at:


2 thoughts on “Levi Roots now tabloid fodder

  1. Well levi must show evidence now for example, who was the registered owner of the carnival stall, what is the names of the other guys tony bailey show step by step procedure to make the sauce along with levi,who gave him the initial £££ pounds to buy the materials,what the name of the guy help him to blend up the first batch of sauce,whom was levi driver taking him around leading upto, whos vehicle was he driving when he went to buy the bottles in Old Kent road Se15 when he was stop by the police on his way coming back and was fined for driving a vehicle without insurance,
    Levi we need to know the truth.

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