Exhibition: Petrus Gallery Presents “Nudes and Other Revelations”

Today (December 23, 2009) is the opening of the collective exhibition “Desnudos y otras revelaciones” [Nudes and Other Revelations] at the Galería Petrus. The gallery is located at 726 Hoare Street in Miramar, Puerto Rico.

The human body stripped of clothing and ornaments (along with other unnamed revelations) is the focus of the exhibition that gathers works by artists Luis Hernández Cruz, Martín García Rivera, Jaime Fournier, Dafne Elvira, Marilinda Rivera, Enrique Renta, Rafael Rivera Rosa, Frances Picó, and Santiago Flores-Charneco, among other artists.

Examples of some of the pieces shown are García Rivera’s mixed media works “Labyrinth: Without Dialogue” and “Labyrinth: Silences” (shown here), which play on silence and the expressivity of the human form. Marilinda Rivera, for instance, states that the purpose of her work “is to create awareness about the only [thing] of which we are owners in this world and that we share with other beings: our body.”

Dafne Elvira reveals her fondness for literature through her pieces “Julia,” “Olga,” “Ana Lydia,” and “Rosario,” in honor of Puerto Rican writers Julia de Burgos, Olga Nolla, Ana Lydia Vega, and Rosario Ferré. Elvira explains that in these paintings, “Women are composed of words that shape the initial drawing” and although the artists paid particular attention to the drawing of these figures, “in no way are they actual portraits of these writers I admire, but rather a tribute.”

For gallery information, you may call (787) 289-0505.

For full article (in Spanish), see http://www.elnuevodia.com/desnudosenpetrus-651780.html

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