Cyrielle Sings a Gospel-influenced, Multilingual “Silent Night”


France-Antilles reports on the comeback of Martinican singer, songwriter and composer Cyrielle Cospar, after a year of absence. The singer, better known in the music community as a Cyrielle, returns with “a more inspired, more relaxed, but especially more assertive array of musical choices.” For the holiday season, Cyrielle has just announced her new title “Douce nuit” [Sweet Night; the French version of Silent Night]. With this title, the performer offers her audience a message of love with multilingual gospel influences (Creole, English, French).

Cyrielle had her musical break at the Caribbean Music Awards in 2006, as a back-up singer with Tony Chasseur and Lola Martin. Thanks to that evening, she met the producers of her first album Et si c’était vrai [And If It Were True], Peggy Bajal and Steeve Pierre-Louis. Soon afterwards, her song “Sa pran mwen trop tan” [It Takes Too Much Time] became the 2007 summer hit and was considered the new zouk revelation. She was then awarded the Prix Sacem 2008 and was pronounced the “Revelation of the Year” by the Pastel Prod Show. With her “Douce nuit” Cyrielle returns to the stage offering this song as a Christmas 2009 gift. Her new album is expected in 2010.

For full article (in French), see

To listen to “Douce nuit,” see

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