Julio Suárez at Santo Domingo’s Museum of Modern Art

Puerto Rican artist Julio Suárez’s new exhibition, “Pinturas Recientes” [Recent Paintings], has opened at the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo. His works will be on view through February 2010. The museum is located at Pedro Henríquez Ureña Street, Plaza de la Cultura, Santo Domingo.

Julio Suárez (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, 1947) is a painter and sculptor. In his review of the exhibition, Dionis Figueroa explains that the artist is “one of the masters of Latin American visual arts that have the most prestige in the Caribbean region, not only by generational consensus but because of the characteristics that define his work in diverse moments of creative flux.” Figueroa considers that his trajectory has been based on geometry from the beginning, and can be seen through his experimentation with abstraction, but to this, Suárez adds a unique meaning to his personal use of the color “light” and form. Above all, Dionis underlines the artist’s great ability for synthesis and for transforming the museum walls into a dynamic and living space.

On one of the walls, Suárez himself explains: “The flux of energy that produces a portion of space with a particular color is a life experience. I have always wanted to make something for a specific place; that the completed work would become the place. I imagine it in only one color, with only one shape, which would exist when someone is present and then disappear.”

For full review, see http://msa-x.msa-x.org/?p=1827

For more information on the exhibit go to 



For information on the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo’s, see http://www.cultura.gov.do/dependencias/museos/museodelartremoderno.htm

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