Tiger is coming

Tiger Woods is escaping the media pressure by heading for the Caribbean with a group of friends, away from potential golf-club swinging wife or lovers. According to People magazine , the troubled golfer has set sail on his 155-foot yacht, Privacy towards our shores.  “On Saturday morning, after stocking up on provisions from Costco on Northlake Blvd., the boat left town,” says a source.  (My suspicious mind is wondering if Costco is now the only company willing to have its name associated with Tiger—or whether it was rival BJs which told the press that delightful bit of irrelevant news.)

Insiders say Tiger and company are planning on spending a few days in the Bahamas after being in hiding in the Palm Beach Gardens area this past week.  No one has actually seen Tiger; although tight security has been guarding the Old Port Cove Marina for more than a week. One eyewitness says a limo arrived at the marina Friday, and the boat left the next morning.

Get your cameras ready. Since Tiger has not been seen in public since Thanksgiving, the first photo of him could help balance the budget of any of our struggling islands.

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