New Book: Scènes des Antilles antan lontan

HC Editions has recently published Scènes des Antilles antan lontan: Scènes de la vie quotidienne aux Antilles à travers la carte postale ancienne (2009) by Ernest Pépin. Roughly translated as Scenes of the Antilles in Olden Days: Scenes of Daily Life in the Antilles through Post Cards, is more than just a series of images. This book shows slices of Caribbean life through 300 postcards from the 1900’s, selected from excellent private collections. The publisher’s description states that Scènes des Antilles antan lontan “excavates scenes of daily life in olden days, make us hear the laughter of children, and makes us relive old trades . . . under the poetic pen of Ernest Pépin, leading figure of créolité.” This work illustrates “different universes” of the French Antilles through these early scenes.

Ernest Pépin is also author of many novels, novellas, poetry collections, and literature for children and young adults. He has won numerous awards including the Prix des Caraïbes and the Casa de las Americas Prize for Poetry. His prolific work includes Jardin de nuit (2008), Quelques mots sur Aimé Césaire (2008), La soufrière (2003), L’Envers du décor (2006), Cantique des tourterelles (2004), and Le Tango de la haine (1999).

For purchasing information, see,scenes-des-antilles-antan-lontan,,,9782357200272.html

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