What’s on Our Nightstands: Leche/Milk

Leche/Milk (2008, Ediciones Godot) is Madeline Millan’s third poetry collection— after Para no morir por segunda vez [So as Not to Die a Second Time] (2002) and De toros y estrellas [Of Bulls and Stars] (2004)—although it was the first one written (in 1994-97). Leche/Milk is a carefully-crafted and intimate collection that explores motherhood, wanderings, creativity, writing, and exploration of the other, all interconnected by the richly signifying metaphor of milk. The ocean, a child about to be born, and Manhattan’s Alphabet City are all protagonists inhabiting Millán´s verses. The poems in Leche/Milk have been elegantly translated by Irma Blanco Casey (Marist College). The collection also includes guest translations by Pilar Blanco (Fashion Institute of Technology) and (the budding protagonist of many of the poems) Paola Garcés.

In a ceremony dedicated to author Rosario Ferré held on December 4, 2009, PEN Club of Puerto Rico announced that Leche had won the National Poetry Award for 2008.

Madeline Millán (Puerto Rico) is a poet and short story writer. She holds a PhD from Stony Brook University and is a professor of Spanish at the Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York. Her poetry has appeared in anthologies and journals in Latin America and Europe. Millán is also the founder/editor of Entreextremos, a journal on Latin American film.

For purchasing information, see http://www.e-libro.net/buscador/index.asp

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