New Digital Archives: The Museum of Vieques Historic Memory

The Museum of Vieques Historic Memory, Inc. (MMHV), with support from the  Puerto Rican Foundation for the Humanities/National Endowment for the Humanities, digitalized this year around 30 thousand documents at the Vieques Historic Archives (AHV).  The museum is now presenting the DVD with the images to be distributed free to cultural and educational entities in Puerto Rico, the United States and other places interested in Vieques’ history. 

The documents on the DVD include XIX century baptism and death records for slaves in Vieques; Vieques Municipal Assembly records from the first decades of the US occupation; documents related to the sugar industry— Inventory of Property of the Playa Grande Sugar Mill, 1940; US Congressional Report of Vieques Labor Strike, 1916; and information about the military presence and the struggle for peace.  Other digitalized materials focus on archaeology, architecture, ecology, natural resources, socio-economic development, literature, Vieques newspapers, and Patron Saint Festival programs beginning
in 1941.

The documents form part of the Vieques Historic Archives and have been compiled over three decades of work by director, Robert Rabin Siegal. The VHA is located at the Fort Count Mirasol Museum [Museo del Fuerte Conde de Mirasol], project of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture that Rabin coordinates since opening in 1991. The digitalization project is the first phase in the creation of the MMHV. The MMHV Board of Directors— Rabin and Viequenses Mena Marte, Andrés Nieves, and Will Colón—with advisors Daniel Nina and Vanessa Castedo (Southern Hemisphere Consultants) , seek both economic and material donations related to the struggle for peace on Vieques, such as  photos, videos, music, letters, legal documents, posters, announcements, etc.   Together with a significant collection of existing documentation, donated materials will help future generations understand the greatness of the movement that ended military activities on Vieques.

The next phase of the MMHV looks to create a cultural/educational tourism route by making accessible and interpreting dozens of sites related to Vieques socio-cultural processes.  In this way, the MMHV will connect cyber and documentary elements to the physical spaces tied to Vieques’ rich history of struggle and resistance.

For more information, contact Robert Rabin at (787) 375-0525

7 thoughts on “New Digital Archives: The Museum of Vieques Historic Memory

  1. Hello,

    Would love to obtain a copy of your DVD. It sounds very interesting! Could you let me know how to go about obtaining one and the cost involved?

    I can be reached at the attached e-mail.

    Thank you so much!

  2. My mother grow up in Vieques and her father worked in the sugar cane fields. When the lands were taken over by the U.S. Navy he became a migrant worker and ended up going from island to island in the carribean working in the sugar cane fields. He eventually settled in St. Croix. Unfortuanatelly, his wife and daughters (my moither included) remained in Vieques and our family was broken apart due his need to seek employment elsewhere. It is a rather long story.

    I would like to obtain the CD to be able to get some missing pieces to my families heritage. My second cousin, as well as other family still lives in Vieques. Her name is Myrna Pagan. She is an artist and lives in La Esperanza. Can this email be forwarded to Robert Rabin. Thank You.

    Rosemary Rosario

  3. Robert:

    I am making a research about Todos los Santos Episcopal Church. I want to know if Anglicanism could be establish in Vieques before Parroquia Santísima Trinidad in Ponce.

    Todos los Santos was established in 1880. But, Santísima Trinidad was established in 1872. I have evidence of misionary activities of anglicanism and a foundation of a school in Vieques before 1880.

    I went to Vieques, but you was in the USA, Lcda. Pamela González called you, but the Museum was closed for the holiday of Thanksgiving. I will visit Vieques in December and I want to make an apointment to talk to you.

    Could you please call me cel. 787-478-3432? Iván R. Buxeda +.

    S.D. Rev. José A. Díaz and other members of Todos los Santos Episcopal Church are working in these project. I am a historian and episcopal priest in Dorado.

  4. I’m a descendant of Teo Jose Jaime Maria Le Guillou . I’ve had a hard time finding family information besides what my grandma told me. Is there family information in the museum.?

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