Miami’s Diaspora Vibe Gallery

CAW Magazine has just featured the Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami, Florida. Founded in 1996 as a non-profit local arts organization originally called “Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator,” it is one of the few non-profit galleries committed to supporting and promoting emerging artists from the Caribbean diaspora and Latin America. The gallery promotes artists through its artists-in-residence program, international exchanges, and various types of community activities. It also aims to document the artists’ life, their works, and their shows.

Rosie Gordon-Wallace, Director of Diaspora Vibe Gallery, explains that the main trigger for starting the gallery “was the fact that Caribbean artists were graduating from American Ivy League schools, yet they did not have a place to show their work.”  The passion for working with artists is rooted in Gordon-Wallace’s own dream of being an artist when she was growing up in Jamaica— a dream that was never realized. The gallery became her platform to give artists that are, in some way, rooted in Caribbean and Latin American cultures the opportunity to pursue their artistic dreams.

Diaspora Vibe Gallery is located at 3938 North Miami Avenue, Madonna Building, Design District, Miami, Florida.

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Visit Diaspora Vibe Gallery at

Featured here, photo of “Untitled,” an installation by Gail Ruiz (courtesy of Diaspora Vibe Gallery). Born Ponce, Puerto Rico, Ruiz is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Florida International University, Miami, Florida.

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