Patrick Chamoiseau’s Comic Book Series: Encyclomerveille

As a leading Caribbean writer, Patrick Chamoiseau is better known for his contributions to literature—novels and works of non-fiction—and for his political and literary struggle to safeguard Creole culture in the flux of globalization. But this time he has surprised his readers by producing a comic book with Martinican illustrator Thierry Ségur. Delcourt is the author of the series Légendes des contrées oubliées [Legends from forgotten lands] (three volumes) and Roi des méduses [King of the Jellyfish]. Together, they have produced the first book of an original adventure series, Encyclomerveille d’un tueur: L’Orphelin de Cocoyer Grands-Bois [Encyclomarvel of a Killer: The Orphan of Cocoyer Grands-Bois] (2009).

L’Orphelin de Cocoyer Grands-Bois is the story of a child who witnesses the tragic death of his parents, who are torn apart by a monster. Cared for by a gravedigger, the orphan, who has amazing extrasensory powers, is initiated into the parallel and extravagant world of the dead. Haunted by the memory of his father, he seeks revenge of the terrible creature that caused his death. The action takes place in a world both mystical and marvelous, the imaginary world of Patrick Chamoiseau and Thierry Ségur.

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