Episode 2 of the BBC’s Adaptation Small Island Airs on December 13

For the readers who have expressed much interest in the BBC’s adaptation of award-winning novel Small Island, I visited writer Andrea Levy’s site for information on further broadcasts.

Levy explains: The first episode of the BBC1 Television adaptation of my novel Small Island was broadcast in the UK on the 6th December. Episode 2 goes out at 9pm on the 13th December, so don’t miss it. It stars Naomi Harris as Hortense, David Oyelowo as Gilbert, Ruth Wilson as Queenie, Benedict Cumberbatch as Bernard, and Ashley Walters as Michael Roberts.

Andrea Levy (1956) was born to Jamaican parents in London, “growing up black in what was still a very white England.” In her fourth novel Small Island Levy examines the experiences of those of her father’s generation who returned to Britain after being in the RAF during the Second World War. More than just the story of the Jamaicans who sought a new life in England, she explores the adjustments and problems faced by the English people amongst whom those Jamaicans came to live, the conflicts of two cultures thrown together after a terrible war, and the kindness and strength of which people are capable.

For more information on the BBC broadcast and previews (only available in certain geographic areas), see http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00pdyg0

For more on the author and cover image of the television tie-in edition of the novel shown here, visit Andrea Levy’s site at http://www.andrealevy.co.uk/

For reviews of Small Island and other works, see http://www.andrealevy.co.uk/reviews/index.php

2 thoughts on “Episode 2 of the BBC’s Adaptation Small Island Airs on December 13

  1. I was a bit upset by the BBC broadcast of small Island because all of the Jamacian characters had dreadful Jamacian accents.
    I do except that Jamacian potois can be hard to understand so I wasn’t expecting any of the characters to speak it, but its 2009 and they could have at least got the accents right as we should be expecing a bit of authencity nowadays.
    Its a insult to the West Indian community who all know that they didn’t sound Jamacian hell even some of the white folks knew they didn’t sound Jamacian, if the character was irish, scottish, American or Australian wouldn’t they have made a bit more of a effort to get it right, just look at the amount of Jamacian plays there are in this country it wouldn’t have been hard to find someone who sounded romotely Jamacian they even used a guy from a African background to play a Jamacian, why couldn’t they find a Jamacian or some one from a Jamacian background afterall theres enough of them in this country their no different to ITV and their prison drama Bad Girls when again they used some one from a African background to play a Jamacian character with another awfull Jamacian accent.

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