New Book: Madeline Millán’s 365 esquinas

Madeline Millán has just published her latest book of poetry 365 esquinas [365 corners] with Terranova Editores. Here is the publisher’s description:

Poets of poets, Madeline Millán situates the reader between paths that are deployed through the textual spaces of language. In 365 corners, we find a poet at the peak of her creative maturity with a hybrid work that braids poetry— in its condition of minimalist expression—with a rich and ethereal poetic prose that culminates, in its most exquisite moments, in story. Thus, with her latest text, Millán undertakes a poetics of mobility between genres, an evasion before anchorages, or a type of nomadic poetry that does not stray from its strongest sense: the word as survival.

Madeline Millán (Puerto Rico) is a poet and short story writer. She holds a PhD from Stony Brook University and is a professor of Spanish at the Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York. Millán is also the author of three other poetry collections: Para no morir por segunda vez [So as Not to Die a Second Time] (2002), De toros y estrellas [Of Bulls and Stars] (2004), and Leche [Milk] (2008). Her poetry has appeared in anthologies and journals in Latin America and Europe.

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