Barbados’ Krosfyah Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

Krosfyah, one of the Caribbean’s most popular musical groups, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The soca band is best known for their hits “Road Jam,” “Pump Me Up,” and “Sak Passe.” Formed in 1989 by Edwin Yearwood, it is one of the most successful Soca bands of the Caribbean.

In congratulating the band on reaching this milestone, the South Florida News site reports, Prime Minister David Thompson, described it “as a tremendous achievement” for these young men and attributed their success to tenacity, determination, a search for excellence and their unique music. He observed that “they worked their way up in a very tight and difficult market, in the Caribbean and in Barbados,” in particular, and, therefore, for all of those reasons they should be congratulated and complimented. Mr. Thompson pointed out that the band “needed to be held up and supported” by the public and he expressed satisfaction that the anniversary coincided with the launch of Government’s Cultural Industries Policy.
In his response, lead singer, Edwin Yearwood, thanked the Prime Minister for his continued support. He said: “We plan to have a very busy year, and are planning for Krosfyah to grow from strength to strength, as we continue to represent Barbados.” Mr. Yearwood also disclosed that the group would be introducing a new logo called, “Krosfyah, Kings of the Groove” and said it was chosen as a result of their service throughout the Caribbean.
Events to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary included a church service at St. Barnabas Church yesterday and a 20th anniversary show on December 31. The group also plans to adopt a school, stage a free concert, launch a revamped website, complete an anniversary CD and a documentary showing the band’s history

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