Film: Con el toque de la chaveta

Con el toque de la chaveta [With a Stroke of the Chaveta] will be playing as part of the will screen at the New York African Diaspora Film Festival. The screening will take place at the Cowin Center on Tuesday, December 8 at 8:30pm. The Cowin Center is located at the Teacher’s College (Columbia University) at 525 West 120th Street in Manhattan.

Directed by Pam Sporn, Con el toque de la chaveta (USA/Cuba, 2007) is a documentary film is about the Caribbean tradition of having readers in cigar factories to inform and amuse the workers as they carefully prepared cigars [chaveta is a tool used to cut cigars]. From the middle of the 1800s to the early 1900s lectores, or readers, were an integral part of the world of cigar makers. “Through la lectura, or reading, communities of cigar workers were entertained, educated, and developed a sense of class solidarity. The voice of the cigarmakers’ beloved lector is but a whisper in most places.” The film explores how the tradition of factory readings survived in Cuba.

This film will be shown with Solidarity in Saya: An Afro-Bolivian Music Movement. There will be a question and answer session filmmakers after the screenings.

For full schedule, see

Painting “La chaveta” by Puerto Rican artist Claude L. Merced Aponte, from

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