Noir Thrillers by Edmundo H. Rodríguez and Wilfredo Matos Cintrón

Edmundo H. Rodríguez (Puerto Rico) brings to the New York African Diaspora Film Festival two innovative thrillers featuring actor Modesto Lacen as Afro-Puerto Rican detective Isabelo Andújar. The plots are based on the “Isabelo Andújar, Private Eye” series written by Wilfredo Matos Cintrón. In Desamores, Andújar is hired to discover who is responsible for a horrendous massacre in San Juan. He is quickly thrown into a web of intrigue and manipulation beyond his imagination. In Las dos caras de Jano [The Two Faces of Janus] Andújar attempts to find a serial killer who targets gay men of social prominence on the island. The film is based on the real story of Carlos Maldonado, who terrorized gay men in San Juan in the 1980s.

Both films will be presented (with time for question and answer session with the director) as part of the “Two by One” Program, which features two films by one filmmaker back to back. Desamores and Las dos caras de Jano will be screened at the Cowin Center on December 5, at 6:30pm and 8:30pm respectively. The Cowin Center is located at the Teacher’s College (Columbia University) at 525 West 120th Street in Manhattan.

For full schedule, see

Photo: Modesto Lacen as Detective Isabelo Andújar

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