New strike in Guadeloupe

A call by the LKP (Lyanaj Kont Pwofitasyon – Togetherness Against Profiteering) for two days’ general strike in Guadelope on November 24th and 25th received only partial support. On Tuesday, it was business as usual throughout the island, except for some union supporters who decided to stay away from work. There had been a call by the union representing gas station workers to go on strike, but owners kept their service stations open.
A demonstration held on Wednesday in the streets of the commercial capital of Pointe-a- Pitre, however, was very well supported with over ten thousand persons gathering at the Palais de la Mutualité, the Union headquarters, and marching through the streets of the city.
The purpose of the strike was to send a clear message to the government that the workers expect the authorities to  work towards the full application of the provisions of the BINO protocol of March 4 2009: the end of layoffs in all industrial sectors; the reopening of the Kalenda and Anchorage hotels; the opening of negotiations on wages, training, and working conditions in all professional branches leading to the signature of collective agreements;  the end of anti-trade-union repression; the protection of arable lands and the development of  local agricultural production; the safeguarding of employment in the petroleum products sector; improvements in private security and banking services; the development of a public health plan for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arterial hypertension, and AIDS.
Strikers also demanded the organization of an effective public transport system.

The Trade Union spokesman, Elie Domota said, “We will not enter into physical confrontation with the authorities because they are better equipped to over-power us; but, we will win them with the power of our minds, as the struggle will continue until we achieve our goal.”

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