Martinique to Host Contemporary Art Market of Le Marin

Martinique is hosting the seventh annual Contemporary Art Market of Le Marin, November 27-29, 2009. Some 8,000 visitors are expected to attend the event and sample the work of more than 100 artists from the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Canada and the U.S., aking this one of the Caribbean’s most important celebrations of the arts. Virtually all types of artists will be represented; from painters and sculptors, to photographers, videographers, and filmmakers.  

Throughout the three-day event, visitors can enjoy a variety of exhibits in unique locations—the  Centre Culturel Vincent Placoly, the covered market, Allegre Boulevard, Odis 7 Galerie and more—with various free-form creations and video projections virtually enveloping the town of Le Marin in art. Among the highlights are a fresco mural painted by a young local artist in tribute to Martinican poet Aimé Cesaire,  and the works of Marc Latamie, a Martinican painter now based in New York.

Interactive painting stations will also be set up along the waterfront providing budding young artists with a unique opportunity to create their own works of art alongside painters participating in the event.

For more information on the seventh annual Contemporary Art Market of Le Marin, please contact the Le Marin Visitors Bureau at Tel: 011-596-596-746-321, or 011-596-596-747-271; email:, or visit

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